Everything Beautiful is Transient And Ephemeral

3rd of May. It rained the whole night. With my eyes at rest away from dreams, I heard the quenching rain. I shouldn’t have woken up the morning after but there’s something that made me. Heavy and clamorous. Abate and still. The interminable cold of the room kept me awake, shrudding with every passing moment. I glanced through my window and watched the remnants of the drops flow like tiny rivers. I dressed for work and walked on rainy streets. Droplets rolled on my cheeks under this madness. It rained throughout the day but somehow brought warmth and caress to me. Some see rain as the blight of the day but I find joy and comfort on every drop. Rain curtained my office window like decors then withered away. It stopped as the day approaches its end. Everything that was, faded before me.


I sat down beside an open sliding glass window at our office β€” the spot where I always watch sunsets from our building β€” with my head placed on my wrapped up arms that are leaning on the dusty windowsill. The dusk wind blows with an earthy aroma of rain dews. It brushed my face gently, hushing the emotions I kept inside. I smiled. I closed my eyes. Memories of me and my mom hushing the childishness in me flashes at the back of my head.


The city is so beautiful, it was painted with light orange hues, colors that give hope and joy to my soul. From afar, I watched the day and night playing tug of war of sunset and stars, slinging wonderful views like children. How childish the play was it made me think how beautiful life is when played with pure innocence. I spaced out while listening to melodramatic songs of Moira. Catatonic staring on the sunset ended as darkness and dark clouds enveloped the whole scene. Everything that was, faded before me.


Empty sky resonated with me in a sense. I still sat at the window with thoughts alike drifting through the city air. It was long past 7 pm and I had lost counts of music on my playlist. Suddenly, there was a sizzling sound from an unknown distance and a trail of faint light drew upward into the dark sky. A bright light growing from its center as sparks flew wavering at its pinnacle of reach then a burst of flame. Boom! Fireworks.


Dancing above the sky were myriad of clashing colors of light which illuminated the black sky. Distant buildings lit up, reflected some explosion of colors by its window panes. A faint cheer of the crowd could be heard from my window. Lights continued to catapult towards the sky, a supernova of an intense gamut of colors touched every receptor of my eyes. And it stopped. The absence of light replaced something that was beautiful. I remembered my elementary science teacher once said, “Everything man-made will end, doesn’t last long, and will crumble to the ground.” Nothing could defy the natural order of life. The lights died out, turned into ashes and smokes. Everything that was, faded before me.


Everything beautiful that day vanished before my very eyes. Reality struck. But it seared into my collective memories. I witnessed something that is beautiful and I will cherish it through my life. Maybe it’s not something significant but it’s beautiful. One of my favorite quotes is from an anime character from One Piece, Dr. Hiluluk. He said while death on his neck, “When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No! It’s when… they are forgotten.” I still remember that episode with a teary-eyed. Until today, I took that moving quote to heart. All are beautiful. The rain is beautiful. The sunset is beautiful. The fireworks are beautiful. Yet it will never last. Everything beautiful is transient and ephemeral. But everything that is love and remembered is not.

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