LULUGAYAN FALLS: A Lullaby To The Adventurous Soul

“Yehey! Now we can have shampoo after 3 days!” I shouted with joy as I stood beside my friends at the bank of the stream whose waters are flowing gently at our exhausted feet. After our intrepid exploration of the caves of Samar, at last, we’ll gonna free the muds, the dirt, and possibly the bat’s feces off of our hair.

Oh! How I miss the feeling of refreshment after taking a dip. Baths are one of the peaceful indulgences in the world that are appreciated more if you missed for days. Especially if you’re out below the surface tumbling the caverns of the earth with no bathroom, just bat shits and mud. We deserve a bath!


We stopped at the registration area after almost an hour habal-habal ride. A nipa hut stands there selling chocolate moron wrapped with banana leaves, a popular delicacy of Samar. I didn’t have the chance to try but I’m pretty sure it’s something similar to the chocolate moron sold in other parts of the country. Soft and chewy and I’m sure every sweet tooth would be in heaven by its sweet taste — perhaps a premonition of what lies ahead on this adventure.


Much of the province of Samar is almost untouched, still covered with dense rainforests concealing several magnificent waterfalls. One of these is the Lulugayan Falls. The concrete footpaths to the waterfalls are strategically positioned along the riverbanks for scenic views and provincial feel for the visitors. I, myself, was swayed by these feels of nostalgia and the rumbling sound of waterfalls was the musical background.


Nearing Lulugayan Falls, the rumbling got louder and the footpaths opened up to the mighty waterfalls. Dozens of tourist had already been plunging, dipping, and frolicking the waters of Lulugayan Falls.


It’s the biggest and widest waterfalls I’ve seen so far and everything that ran through my thoughts was about how grand and majestic Lulugayan Falls is. We took several photos before enjoying its waters.


Crossing to the other side of the waterfalls is a bit challenging that it required safety ropes and guides for assistance. The other side of the waterfalls is where the real fun lies. Locals were plunging onto this mini pool and having a delightful picnic. Some children were playing on these swings made from vines from a tree growing near the mini pool. Junji and I tried these swings and plunged right into the mini pool.

We climbed to the top of the waterfalls for a chance of better view and it didn’t disappoint us. Calm waters welcomed us and it’s a perfect place to wash our scalps. Nothing beats a cool head and a refreshing feeling after washing it off. For the love of adventure, we jumped right off at the top of the waterfalls. The rush of adrenaline never gets old for me.


I swam across the bank and sat on a sweet spot for a moment while throwing gazes of admiration to Lulugayan Falls. I began wondering how it would feel like living near a waterfall this beautiful. It would be the lullaby to the adventurous soul in me. It must be so therapeutic to always hear the gushing of its waters. Every day of my life would be so wonderful as I was constantly reminded by this waterfalls of how beautiful things are with nature.



For those who want to experience the thrill and adventures of Samar and other Eastern Visayan provinces, book your tours through these:


  • Please practice LNT principles. Lulugayan Falls is one of the treasured wonders of Samar province. Let’s help ourselves in preserving the natural gift of our beautiful planet. I encourage you to be responsible travelers. Please keep Lulugayan Falls as beautiful as it is today for the next traveler behind you.
  • Always be careful. Though there are safety ropes and guides on the premise, it is still better to be cautious at all times to lessen unprecedented accidents. Follow the rules for safety to enjoy the place at its best.
  • ENJOY YOUR VISIT! Pull off a memorable experience.


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    Ang ganda ng falls!!!

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        Hanap muna ng makakaladkad. 😊

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